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Problems with the "normal" pedagogy of brass (trumpet) teaching

There are several difficulties with the usual method of brass (trumpet) teaching. Some of these difficulties include:

A descriptive illustration from F. M Alexander's book "The Use of Self":

I asked him <the student> to perform some of his remedial exercises for me and watched him doing them, it was obvious to me that his wrong manner of use, which was present in him, had been exaggerated by his practice of these exercises...he was employing an undue amount of tension in the simplest acts...

A descriptive illustration from F. M Alexander's book "Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual":

...though speed will follow as the result of the necessary experience in the correct use of the parts concerned, a correct use can hardly follow a speed which has been achieved at the cost of an incorrect use of those parts.

How could this passage apply to the trumpet student?