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College Counseling

I worked for 3 years as an alumni representative for Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) from 1987-1990. During that time, I traveled throughout Northern California giving presentations about attending music school in general and Berklee specifically. Over the last 30 years, I have helped numerous high school juniors and seniors with their selection process by helping them determine which school seemed to best fit their needs (academically, financially, and professionally). There are many possibilities available now in terms of studying music in college (if that is what is of interest). The student should be cautious and thoughtful when making a decision. These types of choices have a result on the rest of one's life. It is best to be well informed. It is possible that I can help you narrow the scope of possibilities and perhaps pose some questions about issues that were not previously considered. I don't know about every college, but I know enough about a few of the big ones that I have visited to make suggestions based on a student's specific situation. The internet is your best resource for information. Take advantage of it.