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Parental References

Dear Mr. Estabrook

Thank you for all the extra help you've been giving Daniel. It was very thoughtful of you to move his lesson up to squeeze in an extra lesson before his jazz band audition. I know you made him feel better prepared and more confident.


Linda Disatelles

28312 Mt. Stephen Ave.
Canyon Country, CA 91351

To: Evaluation Committee

Re: Mr. Pete Estabrook

Pete Estabrook has tutored our daughter Rebecca on the trumpet for more than three years. My wife and I have been very pleased with the training and encouragement that he has provided to her during this time.

Initially, Mr. Estabrook's teaching focused on building Becca's trumpet fundamentals. For the past two years, Becca has been a part of her high school's jazz band; and during this time Mr. Estabrook has added an emphasis on jazz improvisation.

Mr. Estabrook has shown a great deal of patience in explaining concepts to Becca and in working with her to improve her skills. Frequently, he has custom-prepared tapes for her, demonstrating particular aspects of playing the trumpet, which she has used between lessons. When she has had to prepare for a concert, tour, or other special event, Mr. Estabrook has tailored his lessons to the needs of that event; and if extra work was needed, he has rearranged his schedule to make time for Becca.

Several times, Mr. Estabrook has gone to one of Becca's concerts to hear her play. We know that he has a busy schedule, and so we have really appreciated this evidence of his concern for his students.

As a result of Mr. Estabrook's teaching, Becca has grown tremendously in her ability with the trumpet. Even more important, her love for the trumpet and for being part of the band (marching, concert, and jazz) have also taken deep root. Mr. Estabrook's patient, concerned approach to teaching has been a real key in ensuring that the trumpet in particular, and music in general, have become integral parts of Becca's life.

I know that Mr. Estabrook will continue to do a superior job of teaching music. I would be happy to serve as a reference for him. I can be reached at the above address, or by calling (818) 779-2450 (days) or (805) 298-7996 (evenings).


Michael W. Stark

To Whom It May Concern:

We have had the extreme pleasure of working with Pete Estabrook during the past year with regards to our son's trumpet tutorial lessons. Pete has taught our son, Paul, the fundamentals of trumpet playing & the elements of jazz improvisation.

In addition, Pete has provided Paul with an excellent opportunity to excel in his music endeavors & experience the joy of becoming first chair with his school band. Pete has been an exemplary instructor; both patient & knowledgeable and we highly recommend his services.

In closing, our whole family wishes Pete all the very best with his future music pursuits. Feel free to call upon us for any further reference.

Debra Bougher
29413 Plymouth Rd
Castaic, CA 91384
(805) 257-1964

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